What Are The Benefits Of Repaving

Oct 29, 2022

Repaving your driveway is an important part of maintaining the value and appearance of your home. Knowing when to repave your driveway can be tricky, but understanding the signs that indicate it’s time for a repaving job can help you decide when to take action. Repaving can help prevent damage from water, ice, and other elements, as well as improve the look and value of your home.

Is a cracked, uneven driveway dangerous?

Cracked and uneven driveways can be dangerous for everyone from children to visitors. Not only can cracks cause vehicles to become stuck or damaged, but they can also create tripping hazards for pedestrians. Uneven surfaces can also lead to water pooling in certain areas which can cause further damage to the driveway or create slippery conditions. It is important to inspect your driveway regularly and take action as soon as any cracks or unevenness are noticed in order to prevent potential safety hazards.

Is It Normal For Asphalt To Crack?

Cracks or movement in asphalt is completely normal, especially for driveways in Kitchener, Waterloo, that experience drastic changes in temperature and heavy rain- or snow-fall. The typical cause of cracks is expansion, often due to weather conditions. Here in Ontario, we experience freeze-thaw cycles that cause hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete to crack under the pressure as the earth moves. These cracks will get bigger over time if left unsealed.

What Isn’t Normal?

If your new driveway shows alligator cracking within the first 5 years of installation, then you should call a replacement specialist. Alligator cracks within the first 5 years are a sign that your driveway was not installed properly and will become increasingly more susceptible to damages down the road. 

This is why you should always trust in an experienced driveway installation contractor with a warranty to ensure you get a driveway that lasts upwards of 30 years with minimal structural damages.

With proper maintenance and excellent installation, your beautiful new asphalt driveway should last 20-30 years despite our extreme weather, even with a normal amount of cracking.

How Much Value Will a New Paved Driveway Add To My Home?

Paving a new driveway can add significant value to your property. You can definitely get a great return on your investment. At the very least your property value increase will cover the cost of the driveway. The amount of added value can fluctuate. 

Depending on the home, a new driveway can add around $5,000 to $7,000 in value. The amount can be more for a larger home.

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